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Deno: Hello World

Another vlog for the BrazilJS channel.
As promised, a hands-on video with #Deno!
In this video I show how to install Deno, run an example and how to create a server!

Optional chaining - New JavaScript features in ES2020

Another vlog for the BrazilJS channel.
This is the second video in the video series addressing the new JavaScript functionality in ECMA2020, the latest update to the language specification.
Now I show how optional chaining works, a feature that allows you to read nested values in JavaScript objects without having to make validations.

Deno: What is it and what it means for the Node.js world

Another vlog for the BrazilJS channel.
Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.
The release of its version 1.0 is drawing a lot of attention from the technology communities around the world.
But, after all, what is Deno? Does it replace Node.js or some other technology? Will Deno end Node.js? What are their differences and proposals?
Check out the answers in this video!

Dynamic Imports - New JavaScript features in ES2020

Another vlog for the BrazilJS channel.
This is the first in a series of videos addressing the new JavaScript features in ECMA2020, the latest update to the language specification.
To start, I show you how dynamic imports work, a feature long awaited by the community.

TOP 5 BEST JavaScript libs that were hype in the past

Another vlog for BrazilJS’ channel.
ReactJS, VueJS, Preact, Angular, Svelte and many others are currently known libraries and frameworks, but how was this dispute years ago? Know the precursors of everything that exists today.

Should we rebrand JavaScript?

Another video for the BrazilJS channel.
Mocha, LiveScript, #JavaScript, #JS, JScript, ActionScript, #ECMAScript, ES5, ES6, ES2019, # ES2020, ES8.
It’s an alphabet soup. Should we rename the JavaScript?
In this video, I cover the topic that was discussed in an article and a podcast episode.
In addition I talked a little about the history of JavaScript and also bring arguments for both ideas of renaming JavaScript and leaving it as it is.

Is WebAssembly virus?

Another video for the BrazilJS channel on YouTube. (video in portuguese)
Is WebAssembly virus? 🤔
Of course not!

As it happens with almost all technology, vulnerabilities are always exploited.
With WebAssembly is no different.
In its stable version 1.0 being available in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge), WebAssembly can already be considered a pillar of web technologies.
A study published in June 2019 revealed that in the top one million websites, one in 600 uses WebAssembly.
Of these websites that runs WebAssembly, 50% are usint it with malicious intention, exploiting some vulnerability, cryptomining and malware.

What was my first programming language?

A vlog for BrazilJS’ YouTube channel (video in portuguese) about how I learned to write code and which was my first programming language.
I also talk about how was my strategies to learn and how JavaScript help me in the process.