Book cover “How democracies die”

Reading Homo Deus was a great experience. Both this book and Sapiens should be in everyone’s must-read list.
Yuval Harari is an incredible writer. Most of the time, I was intrigued, never bored.
There were some very insightful paragraphs and chapters (at least for me).
As a technologist, studying the effects of technology on society, I found Yuval’s Homo Deus was very helpful.
When I started reading this book, right after Sapiens, I was really curious: what Yuval would say about the future as there’s a lot of confusion, fiction and belief these days (E.g. Singularity, A.I., etc)?
After finishing it, I was very satisfied. The author really knows what he’s talking about. There was no bullshit and he did a great job showing us a lot of true possibilities.
The connections between the past, present and future were perfect.
In these dark times we live in, Sapiens and Homo Deus are not only a good reading but a necessary one.