Is WebAssembly virus?

Another video for the BrazilJS channel on YouTube. (video in portuguese)
Is WebAssembly virus? 🤔
Of course not!

As it happens with almost all technology, vulnerabilities are always exploited.
With WebAssembly is no different.
In its stable version 1.0 being available in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge), WebAssembly can already be considered a pillar of web technologies.
A study published in June 2019 revealed that in the top one million websites, one in 600 uses WebAssembly.
Of these websites that runs WebAssembly, 50% are usint it with malicious intention, exploiting some vulnerability, cryptomining and malware.

Talk at FIC 2019

Last October 29 I gave a talk at FIC 2019. FIC, which is organized by ABRADI, is a traditional event in Porto Alegre. FIC19’s theme - New Digital Order - originates from people who, when involved with the conception and curation of the festival in recent years, observed the need to unite content already covered, making the event more interdisciplinary and cross-cutting. My talk title was “How to save the Internet: There is still time for re-decentralization”....

Citizen register database: The Brazilian government also wants to be part of the data party

It seems like the government is always behind in everything, in Brazil it’s even worse, sometimes tragic and sometimes comical. For over a decade Silicon Valley has popularized - and made it standard - the rampant, unscrupulous, blameless, and shameless use of internet users data. In another silent decree, our current government comes surprising the unsuspecting, but also surprises activists, thinkers and journalists who study the subject. Last week I got scared playing my favorite podcast in the mornings, Café da Manhã, and listened about the citizen resgister database....

Opening Speech at BrazilJS Conf 2019

In August 2019, the 9th BrazilJS Conf edition took place, an event of which I am one of the founders. We learned a lot from this journey of almost a decade. Year after year we learn and change it when necessary. We live in scary times and I couldn’t help but dialog with everyone present in a transparent and sincere way. Some people asked me about the speech, asking if I wouldn’t be pushing people who do not agree with BrazilJS’s position....

What was my first programming language?

A vlog for BrazilJS’ YouTube channel (video in portuguese) about how I learned to write code and which was my first programming language.
I also talk about how was my strategies to learn and how JavaScript help me in the process.

How I migrated 10 years of tweets to my blog

Just over a year ago I reported here on the blog my social detox/rehab. In short, I stopped using social media (I’ll still write about the benefits of being out of networks). Twitter has always been the network where I’ve been most active, so much that in 10 years I’ve created over 10,000 tweets. One of the main reasons I quit social media is much more linked to consumption, in other words, rolling out the timelines....

Blog changes in 2019

In July 2017 I made a change here in my blog, I migrated to Hugo. I reported everything in the post Migrating to Hugo. Almost a year later, I decided to make more changes, all reported in the post Blog Changes 2018. Now the time has come for some more changes. I continue to use the excellent and powerful Hugo, further exploring its functionality and even learning a little more about Go....


Jaydson Gomes has been active in the technology world since the early 2000s. Before that, his contact with computers was possible only when he visited his cousins, who already had access to technology. Only around the age of 16 or 17 he had his first computer, an overclocked AMD K6 II 500Mhz. His first interaction with technology was at his first job at a friend’s computer store, where he learned how to assemble and fix computers....


I love to give talks! It’s really rewarding to share knowledge and sometimes have the power to change people’s path. I’ve doing this for over 10 years and I never feel like stopping. However, my profession is not being a “speaker”. I’m an entrepreneur and a technology professional, more precisely, in software development. I don’t give meaningless talks that are not part of my daily work. Count on me to talk about JavaScript, software development in general, entrepreneurship, internet activism and the impacts of technology on the society....